Chinese Cyber ​​Attack: US Congressmen Ugres Biden Govt To Stand By India

Chinese cyber attack: US MP told Biden government - we should support India

US lawmaker appeals to Biden administration to support India (symbolic photo)


A senior US lawmaker has accused Chinese hackers of targeting India’s power grid system In view of the related report, on Monday, requested the Biden administration to support India. In a report by a US company monitoring activities like cyber attacks, it has come to the fore that India’s PowerGrid system is being targeted. Congressman Frank Pellone tweeted on Monday, “The US must stand by our strategic partners and condemn China’s dangerous cyber attack on India’s power grid, which has forced hospitals to use generators during the pandemic.” Had to resort.” Pellone tweeted, “We cannot allow China to dominate the region through the use of force and fear.”

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A day before this, Massachusetts-based company Recorded Future in the US claimed in its recent study that during the ongoing border tensions between India and China, a group of hackers linked to the Chinese government had entered India through “malware”. Targeted the POWERGRID system. It is feared that this was probably the main reason behind the massive power outage in Mumbai last year.

‘Recorded Future’ in its recent report has referred to the targeting of the Indian energy sector by the Chinese group ‘Red Eco’.

The US State Department said it was aware of the report. A spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said, “We would ask that you contact the company that gave this report to get more detailed information in this regard.” The State Department works closely with various partners around the world to address any threat in the cyber world.

“We are concerned about the dangerous and coercive actions of governments in various sectors, including in the cyber world, and underline the importance of joint action to protect cyber security, critical infrastructure and supply chains,” the spokesperson said.

Video: Shocking revelation in Mumbai power outage, power supply was stalled due to cyber attack

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