Covid 19 Cases Can Increase Rapidly Due To The New Coronavirus Strain Found In Britain

Cases of infection may increase rapidly due to the nature of corona found in Britain

Cases of Britain’s corona strain have also been reported in India. (file photo)

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  • Corona cases are constantly coming to the fore
  • Cases of Britain’s corona variant in India
  • Maharashtra most affected by Corona in the country


The nature of the coronavirus found in Britain (Britain Covid 19 New Strain) is more contagious than the earlier virus and due to this there is a possibility of rapid spread of Kovid-19 again. This has been reported in a new study. The study, published in the research journal ‘Science’, said that without strict measures like closing educational institutions and promoting vaccination, the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to Kovid-19 in England in 2021 compared to 2020. Will be more The study team also included experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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The study said that the new form spreads 43-90 times faster than the form of SARS Cove 2 present in England. This means that if one person is infected and how many people are likely to be affected by it.
After the redesign case came to light in November last year, evidence began to appear in December that ‘VOC 2020 12/01’ circulates faster than the current version.

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The researchers said that there were 95 percent cases of the new form in Britain on February 15 and now its outbreak has been confirmed in at least 82 countries, including India. After studying 1.5 lakh samples of SARS Cov2 in Britain, it was found that the rate of outbreak of ‘VOC 2020 12/01’ was high in the first 31 days.

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