One In Four Of Worlds Population Will Suffer From Hearing Problems By 2050: WHO

By 2050, 1 out of every 4 people may have hearing problems - WHO warns

Treatment will cost up to $1.33 per person/per year (symbolic image)


One out of every four people in the world’s total population will be suffering from hearing problems by 2050, that is, their ability to hear may decrease. The World Health Organization (WHO) gave this warning on Tuesday. WHO has called for more investment in prevention and treatment to get rid of this problem. This is the world’s first ever report on hearing problems. The report states that many causes of problems are preventable. These include infections, diseases, problems at birth, increased noise and lifestyle choices.

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The report proposes a package to address the hearing loss, which would cost a person $1.33 a year. The world is estimated to suffer a loss of about one trillion dollars every year, because this problem has not been properly addressed.

The WHO report said, “Failure to take steps to tackle the problem will result in an impact on the health and happiness of the affected people. Apart from this, financial loss due to their separation from education, jobs and communication will also be there.” Crisis may arise.”

It has been said that one in five people around the world are currently facing hearing problems. However, the report warns that over the next three decades, the number of people living with hearing loss could increase by one and a half times. It can affect 2.5 billion people. In 2019, the number of such people is 1.6 billion. In 2050, out of 2.5 billion people, there will be 700 million people who will be seriously affected by this disease and will need treatment.

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