UK Search Mystery Person Infected With Brazil Covid Variant

Britain engaged in search of person infected with Brazil's Kovid-19 strain

UK authorities are looking for a person infected with Brazil’s Corona strain (symbolic photo)


Britain has appealed to Brazil’s powerful Kovid-19 infected person to come forward as experts want to see the effect of the new vaccine. It is worth noting that this appeal came a week before the end of the third Kovid lockdown by England I have come. Stopping the corona epidemic will depend on what is the capacity of the vaccine. This corona variant was revealed in Manaus, Brazil. So far this infection has been found in six people in Britain, out of which the doctors forgot to fill the contact details after the corona virus test of one person, so it is becoming difficult to trace this person.

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Vaccine minister Nadhim Jahavi told BBC TV, ‘We are working in different ways to identify this person who got the corona test done on 12 February.’ He told that after two cases of Manaus were confirmed in South Gloucestershire, West England, community testing has been started there. Experts have warned, based on data from Brazil, that this variant is more contagious and more lethal than the variant that spread in Kent, United Kingdom last September.

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Denny Altman, professor of immunology at Imperial College, London, says people should certainly be concerned about Manaus’s varices, but there is no need to ‘panic’. He told Times Radio, ‘It is not that everyone’s immunity is gone, the vaccine is not very effective for this strain, so people who would have developed less antibodies, they can be affected by this variant.’ Britain banned flights from South America, including Brazil, in mid-January, but new cases have emerged from the Via Zurich I flight from Sao Paulo around February 10.

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